Income inequality in america essay

income inequality in america essay

The size of that wealth divide is sobering: the median African American household’s net worth is only $7,113, according to the Census Bureau, while the comparable figure for white households is $111,740.4 As we consider what it is going to take to close the wealth divide, it is useful first to understand and acknowledge the level of resources it took to create it in the first place.Before researching this project we came up with factors that we perceived to be major factors causing income inequality.According to this method coefficient varies between 0 and 100; while 0 represents complete equality […]

Education, Hard Work Won’t Bridge America’s Racial Wealth Gap: Report


What’s your opinion on this article? Studies show that the racial wealth gap between Whites, Blacks and Latinos will linger and continue to undermine Black wealth growth. Experts estimate it will take centuries for the wealth gap to close and some advocates say self-determination and doing for self are critical for Black economic success and wealth building.

A recent study published by DEMOS, a public policy organization titled, “The Asset Value of Whiteness: Understanding the Racial Wealth Gap” says that White privilege still outweighs the adage that getting ahead for Blacks and Latinos only requires a good education, a good […]

Getting ahead in the city is hard. In rural America, it’s even harder.

Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images It has been snowed over by the rallying stock market and the cascade of controversies in the early months of the Trump administration, but the 2016 election revealed a deep economic and geographic divide in America. That divide remains critical — though not sufficient — to understanding both Donald Trump’s victory in that election and the policy debates that have defined his presidency so far.

Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton was fueled by a growing Republican dominance in rural areas , as NPR’s Danielle Kurtzleben wrote last fall. Those areas have been left behind by […]

WSSU Chancellor: Student success key to social, economic mobility


Chancellor Elwood L. Robinson Winston-Salem State University Not all college rankings are created equal. Many national rankings reward universities for their selectivity or focus on metrics like reputation, recognizing universities that spend more money to game the system.

Over the years, universities like Winston-Salem State University, which serve a large number of minorities, low-income, and first generation students, were left out.

Fortunately, over the past decade, a few college rankings have emerged that evaluate the outcomes of universities, such as whether students find jobs after graduation or whether they move up economically.These rankings are far more important to me as Chancellor.For […]

Michigan colleges and economic mobility, part 2


In my last post I analyzed an important data set recently released by economist Raj Chetty and colleagues , that measures every college’s contribution to economic mobility in America. I looked at the percentage of the poorest students in each cohort at Michigan colleges who, by their early thirties, were in the top 40% of earners.

The results were fairly disappointing because the Michigan institutions that had the greatest impact on the mobility of their poorest students were selective institutions that enrolled very few low-income students. At U of M and MSU, over 60% of the poorest students who enroll […]

Income inequality and economic mobility in D.C.

Income quintile and Gini score for major cities in top metro areas

In recent years, researchers have become more interested in the ways that an individual’s environment shapes their ability to climb the socioeconomic ladder. In a famous recent study , Stanford economist Raj Chetty and his coauthors looked at upward mobility, as measured by the proportion of children who went on to make more money than their parents later in life. He found that the overall D.C. commuting zone [1] had high rates of upward mobility, ranking 13 th in the 50 largest U.S. metro areas in upward mobility—and third in the probability that a child born in the poorest […]

Latinos Increasingly Confident in Personal Finances, See Better Economic Times Ahead

Hispanics more confident in personal finances than in 2008, see better economic times ahead

Yet many economic indicators show few gains for the community since the Great Recession Latinos have become considerably more upbeat about their personal finances and optimistic about their financial future since the Great Recession, according to newly released results from a national survey of Latino adults. The survey also shows that Latinos have pulled even with the general U.S. population in their views of their personal finances and continue to outpace them on optimism about the future. However, community economic indicators show limited progress since the Great Recession.

Four-in-ten Latinos say their personal finances are in “excellent” or “good” shape, […]

How Government Policy Promotes the Racial-Wealth Gap

Charles Krupa / AP There’s little disagreement about the fact that economic inequality is problematic. But arguments persist over its origins, solutions, and which economic gaps are ultimately the most pernicious.

In a his new book, Toxic Inequality : How America’s Wealth Gap Destroys Mobility, Deepens the Racial Divide, and Threatens Our Future , Tom Shapiro, a professor of law and sociology at Brandeis University, lays out how government policy and systemic racism has created vast gaps in wealth between white and black Americans. Shapiro and his colleagues followed 187 families from Boston, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. Half of […]

prevent widening income inequality

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