From Maruti 800 to Alto 800: 8 ways how India and its consumers have changed over 30 years

On Tuesday, Maruti Suzuki will launch a new entry-level car - Alto 800, replacing the old Alto

Can a simple car tell the story of a country, its people, its economy? Well, if it is Maruti’s entry-level car, the answer is a resounding yes. The journey from Maruti 800 to the soon-to-be launched Alto 800 is a narrative about how India’s car market and how its economy and business have changed over 30 years. But even more important, this story is also a good marker of how India and Indians have evolved during this period.

Today, Maruti 800 is an old-fashioned car with dated technology, poor driving comfort and pathetic interiors. It has few takers in India.

Three […]