Judgment and Decision Making, Vol. 12, No. 5, September 2017, pp. 507–515

How should we measure Americans’ perceptions of socio-economic mobility?

Lawton K. Swan∗ John R. Chambers†Martin Heesacker∗ Sondre S. Nero‡

AbstractSeveral scholars have suggested that Americans’ (distorted) beliefs about the rate of upward social mobility in the United States may affect political judgment and decision-making outcomes. In this article, we consider the psychometric properties of two different questionnaire items that researchers have used to measure these subjective perceptions. Namely, we report the results of a new set of experiments (N = 2,167 U.S. MTurkers) in which we compared the question wording employed by Chambers, Swan and Heesacker (2015) with the question […]