‘Pakistanis may not like it that Mr Jinnah fell in love with a Parsi girl, but the truth must be told’

KARACHI: The second day of the Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) featured the launch of books from a range of topics.

Remnants of a Separation, a history of Indian partition through material memory, was launched at a session in Jasmine Hall.

Author Aahchal Malhorta was joined by Naz Ikramullah, Ashraf, Shahzaz, Aizaj Uddin, and Rema Abbsi for a discussion on the book and its theme.“When you are born in India or Pakistan, you cannot escape from the impact of partition”, said Malhotra, “Official history doesn’t encompass everyone so we have to trust peoples’ memory, but memory is inherently fallible so collective memory […]