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No, iPhones Aren’t Luxury Items. They’re Economic Necessities

Apple To make it in America, you have to hustle. Fast-food worker or CEO, Uber driver or student, you have to stay connected in an economy built on the assumption that anyone is always reachable anywhere. In 2017, that means you need a smartphone.

When Apple released the iPhone in 2007, the world understood it as a gadget, a novelty, a cool thing you plunked down a handful of cash for if you were lucky enough to have the money. Then you just needed to figure out what to do with it. At first the answer was: play games and […]



Federico Cingano, ELS Employment Analysis Division

*Source: OECD (2015) In It Together: Why less inequality benefits all OECD Publishing, Paris.2/15• Long-standing interest in data collection and analysis • Early works → mid 1970s; regular data collection → mid 1990s• Documented the (increasing) patterns of income inequality across MCs in many publications • Latest one warns: “The gap between rich and poor is at its highestlevel since 30 yearsâ€OECD work on income distribution …Shares of bottom, middle and top incomes in total income, OECD average 1985 to 2011/12, 1985 = 10.800.901.001.101.201985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010Traditional definitionbottom 10% middle […]

The New Suburban Crisis

The suburban crisis will not be televised. During the mid-1980s, before anyone thought of the suburbs as being on a downward trajectory, the urban designer David Lewis , a Carnegie Mellon colleague of mine at the time, told me that the future project of suburban renewal would likely make our vast 20th-century urban renewal efforts look like a walk in the park.

Indeed, with their enormous physical footprints, shoddy construction, and hastily installed infrastructure, many suburbs are visibly crumbling. Across the nation, hundreds of suburban shopping malls are dead or dying ; countless suburban factories, like their urban counterparts a […]

The fading American dream: Economic mobility has nearly halved since 1940


IMAGE: An infographic conveying results by Chetty et al ., which reveal that the probability for children to attain a higher income than their parents has dropped dramatically — from more than… view more Credit: Carla Schaffer / AAAS The probability for children to attain a higher income than their parents has dropped dramatically – from more than 90% for children born in 1940 to 50% for children born in the 1980s – according to a new study analyzing U.S. data. Results reveal that restoring economic mobility would require, in part, more equal economic redistribution. The "American Dream" promises […]

The American Dream Abides

Social mobility is still going strong in the Land of Opportunity

Is the American dream on life support? That’s the perennial claim of “declinists,” who are convinced that the American spirit of opportunity is at death’s door. That claim was recently bolstered by research from a team of top economists, who found that half of today’s 30-year-olds are worse off than their parents were at the same age. A closer look at that study, however, reveals that opportunity is alive and well. That does not mean we should be complacent about removing barriers to success for those born […]

Op-ed: A call for representatives who understand that opportunity is the bedrock of a free society

Ravell Call, Deseret News Economic opportunity and upward mobility are the bedrock of a free society. As a legislator, as a mother and as a member of my community I know that protecting individual opportunity is essential to securing lasting freedom.

Our great nation, founded upon the premise that our rights are given to us not by government but by God, emerges as its own distinctive pattern in the tapestry of history.

We Americans do not consider freedom scarce. We feel it everywhere. We live it. We experience the blessings and opportunities of freedom so abundantly that we are like the […]

Higher Ed’s Role in Economic Mobility

Which colleges in America contribute the most to helping children climb the income ladder? How can we increase access to these colleges for children from low-income families? In a recent paper , my co-authors (Raj Chetty, Emmanuel Saez, Nicholas Turner, and Danny Yagan) and I take a step toward answering these questions by constructing publicly available “Mobility Report Cards” – statistics on students’ earnings in their mid-thirties and their parents’ incomes – for each college and university in the United States.

Mobility Report Cards for Columbia and SUNY-Stony Brook The figure above gives an example of these statistics for […]

Women’s Work: The Economic Mobility of Women Across a Generation


Men have long been the dominant participants in the paid labor force, but a significant number of women have joined them during the past 40 years. In the early 1970s, 43 percent of all women were wage earners. Today, nearly 6 in 10 women are working for pay.

Much of this growth can be attributed to working mothers, who increased their numbers in the workforce by 50 percent over the past generation. Previous research by The Pew Charitable Trusts shows that, as more women entered the labor force, movement up the economic ladder increasingly became a family enterprise.

Measuring men’s mobility […]

The gap between the top 5% and everyone else has dramatically grown over the last 50 years

mauldin 1

If the average person in the US feels as though they are going nowhere fast , there is a real reason for it.

Federal Reserve data shows people are earning less than they did 17 years ago. But the real story is even worse than that.

The chart below shows that median income in the US is actually down over the last 17 years and is only 3% higher now than it was 30 years ago. Those are inflation-adjusted numbers.But the reality is that, for the average person, inflation has been much higher than the average of 2% per year over […]

Mobility And Inequality: Frontiers Of Research From Sociology And Economics |

Challenging the Qualitative-Quantitative Divide: Explorations in . – Google Books Result His current areas of research include education, labor market inequality, and . Mobility and Inequality: Frontiers of Research from Sociology and

Economics … Battlers & Billionaires: The Story of Inequality in Australia – Google Books Result In this volume, leading sociologists and economists present original findings and . Cover of Mobility and Inequality by Edited by Stephen L. Morgan,

David B. Mobility and Inequality: Frontiers of Research in Sociology and . – Google Books Result In Morgan, Steven L., Grusky, David B. & Fields, Gary S. (Eds.), Mobility and Inequality: […]