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North/South divide? Think again. National inequality is far more complex than that.

North/South divide? Think again. National inequality is far more complex than that.

A new report by the Social Mobility Commission (SMC) has identified areas with the worst prospects in the UK. And its study of national inequality has turned up surprising results. Especially for those still clinging to the concept of the ‘ North-South divide ‘. The Watford Gap

The boundary between Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, known as the ‘Watford Gap’, has traditionally been given social and economic importance. The perception was that areas to the north were more disadvantaged than those to the south. As recently as 2015, reports suggested the North/South divide not only still existed, but had widened. […]

Is Technology Causing Increased Income Inequality?

In recent years, the rate of productivity growth, both in the US and in every major economy worldwide, has slowed. At the same time, and particularly in the US, we’ve seen an increase in income inequality, with the top 1 percent seeing increased income while compensation for median-wage workers has been close to flat for decades. Are these two trends related? Or are there other factors at play?

This was the subject of several presentations at a conference I attended at the Petersen Institute for International Economics .

Since I have recently heard a number of economists debate the implications of […]

Germany is no poster child for economic growth

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a plenary session of Germany’s Parliament. Berlin, Nov. 21. (Michael Kappeler/DPA/AP) Marcel Fratzscher is president of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and professor of macroeconomics and finance at Humboldt University of Berlin.

BERLIN — Can you guess the country to which the following facts apply? Economic growth and wage growth have been below average over the past 20 years. More than one in five people have only temporary, low-wage or marginal jobs. Social and political polarization is increasing. Wealth inequality is among the highest of Western countries, and the government is […]

Won’t Get Fooled Again: Malcolm Harris’s “Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials”

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THE WORD “millennial” was first pressed into service as a noun in 1991 by William Strauss and Neil Howe in their book, Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069 . (Strauss had, by the time of the book’s publication already left an indelible mark on American culture: in 1981, he helped to found The Capitol Steps, the live performance troupe that delivers light political satire through mildly bawdy musical parodies drawn from the American songbook — e.g., “Papa’s Got a Brand-New Baghdad,” “Springtime for Liberals,” “Unzipping My Dooh Dah.”)

Strauss and Howe introduced the term […]

Keeping the American Dream Alive

Download report (PDF) This is a guest post by NLC President Matt Zone, councilmember, Cleveland.

The promise of economic mobility and opportunity lies at the heart of America’s culture and democratic society. At its core, this promise hinges on two basic concepts: first, that everyone has a chance to improve their economic status and wellbeing through personal initiative and hard work; and second, that the benefits of economic growth reach all population groups.

The American Dream, as it is so often called, has never been fully realized in every era and for every segment of society but it has been […]

Most Iowa wages have stagnated. But the rich keep getting richer.


Grant and Katelyn Hobin work multiple jobs to pay off student loans while they wait to have a family. Buy Photo When her coworkers ask her to join them for a lunch out, Katelyn Hobin often declines, choosing to pinch pennies where she can.

A Des Moines social worker, Hobin never expected to be rich: She earned a liberal arts degree from a private college and entered a notoriously low-paying profession.

But she also never expected to find herself here.At 32, she’s still paying off student loans. Both she and her husband, Grant, a teacher, have part-time jobs in addition to […]

Causes of gender inequality in bangladesh

Research Proposal: Cause and Effect of Gender A Model of Gender Inequality and Economic Growth This paper introduces a model of gender inequality and economic growth. Read more. Introduction . Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC). Gender inequality is a result of the persistent discrimination of one group of people based upon If you ask an economist to explain the causes of poverty in Bangladesh, you are most likely to receive an overly jargonised lecture, beyond the ability of The causes of poverty in Bangladesh are tough to tackle, weak infrastructure and gender inequality that prevents women from contributing to […]

Marco Rubio Income Inequality

Sen. Marco Rubio on ways to reverse income inequality

Sen. Marco Rubio on ways to reverse income inequality 7.9 Marco Rubio: Don’t Focus On Income Inequality 8.7 Sen. Marco Rubio On Income Inequality 8.8 In Iowa: Rubio tackles college affordability, income inequality 8.4 Sen. Marco Rubio – Why Abortion is bad for america 7.8 Title : Sen. Marco Rubio on ways to reverse income inequality

Summary : In the debate over how to cure income inequality, talk about poverty and opportunity are increasingly converging. In a series of conversations about the growing … Title : Marco Rubio: Don’t Focus On Income Inequality

Summary : Sen. Marco Rubio appeared […]

Americans Can No Longer Expect Their Children To Do Better

Millennials will be the first generation of Americans since the 1940s to have less than a 50 percent chance of out-earning their parents. According to a new study based on decades of U.S. census and tax data, there has been a precipitous decline in generational earning ability since the Boomers were born with a 90 percent shot of climbing the economic ladder. This data, culled and parsed by Harvard and Stanford University researchers, suggests not only that the American reality has left behind the American Dream , but that the idea of generational progress may become damaging.

The story of […]

A Penny for Your Thoughts: News of Greater Falls Church


Happy Thanksgiving! I am hopeful, on this traditional day for giving thanks, that everyone can put aside their differences, and recognize the many blessings we enjoy in this nation. Whether young, old or in-between, rich or poor, native-born or immigrant, regardless of belief or gender, we are so fortunate to live in America. And even more fortunate, perhaps, to live in Northern Virginia, where diversity is celebrated and welcomed, not mocked.

Granted, not everyone agrees, but most public policies in our local jurisdictions focus on uniting, not dividing, The most recent example is the One Fairfax policy under consideration by […]