Economic Mobility and the Mortality Crisis Among US Middle-aged Whites

To the Editor:

Recent studies demonstrate an alarming rise in mortality rates among middle-aged white Americans in recent decades. 1–4 These studies hypothesize that an underlying cause of this phenomenon is the growing realization among some members of this age group that they will not achieve a better standard of living than their parents, leading to destructive health behaviors. Put differently, this hypothesis ties the prospects of upward mobility to health outcomes in white middle-aged Americans. While conceptually attractive, this link has not been explicitly studied. Our study addressed this gap by examining whether county-level economic opportunity was associated […]

What happened to City of Pensacola’s BP settlement funds? You may be surprised

In August 2015, the City of Pensacola announced that it had reached agreement with BP on its oil spill claim. The one-time windfall had the possibility of creating legacy projects if the Hayward administration leveraged the funds with state and federal grants. Unfortunately, that didn’t happened.

Of the total $5.35 million settlement, $2 million went to replenish the city’s Natural Disaster Fund that was depleted after the 2014 flood; $989,669 was split between the city’s attorneys, Levin Papantonio, Beggs & Lane, Morgan and Morgan, Hinkle & Foran, Baron & Budd, and Weitz & Luxenberg (18 percent); and $1.27 million was […]

Austin’s history of discrimination threatens its future

To understand why the region’s widening prosperity gap is leaving black residents behind, look to the racist policies of the past and their repercussions

Years of housing discrimination helped limit African-Americans’ ability to own property and create wealth in Austin. The impact of those policies is still being felt today.

Vonnye Rice-Gardner’s parents didn’t have many options when they wanted to buy their first house.It was the early 1930s, and just a few years earlier the Austin City Council demarcated a new “negro district” in the eastern part of the city. If Friendly and Johnnie Mae Yates Rice wanted access […]

Michigan colleges and economic mobility, part 2


In my last post I analyzed an important data set recently released by economist Raj Chetty and colleagues , that measures every college’s contribution to economic mobility in America. I looked at the percentage of the poorest students in each cohort at Michigan colleges who, by their early thirties, were in the top 40% of earners.

The results were fairly disappointing because the Michigan institutions that had the greatest impact on the mobility of their poorest students were selective institutions that enrolled very few low-income students. At U of M and MSU, over 60% of the poorest students who enroll […]

Indian gangsterism: Stop blaming Tamil schools — K. Arumugam

MARCH 13 — At times the Tamil schools are blamed for social ills amongst Indians. While there is a strong correlation between poverty and crime, blaming Tamil schools simply because they are the sanctuary for the poor is a bizarre nexus duped with misconception. Unless the truth of the issue is fully ventilated, such simplistic inferences would continue to haunt the credibility of the Tamil school system.

Firstly, there is zero research indicating that Tamil schools are one of the reasons for gangsterism or crime amongst Indians. Such certainty is founded on all available researches over the last decade on […]

Remarks by the President on Economic Mobility

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you, everybody. Thank you so much. Please, please have a seat. Thank you so much. Well, thank you, Neera, for the wonderful introduction and sharing a story that resonated with me. There were a lot of parallels in my life and probably resonated with some of you.

Over the past 10 years, the Center for American Progress has done incredible work to shape the debate over expanding opportunity for all Americans. And I could not be more grateful to CAP not only for giving me a lot of good policy ideas, but also giving […]

Military Economy-Corollary 8

Military spending not only hurts economic growth as the last press release found, but many interesting corollaries spring from that central finding.

The 8 Indirect Military Economics Corollaries and dates:

Nobel Economics Prize Perversion 12-29-16Low Level Military Defense 12-5-15Creating Economic Model, 28 Steps 2-14-15Military Money and Power 8-10-14Military States Political Dominance 4-26-14Banking and the Military 1-2-14What Does Healthcare Have to Do with Empire? 12-13-13Why Were Murder and Crime Cut in Half in the Nineties? 12-5-1 3 Nobel Economics Prize Perversion 12-29-16 This shows how economists do not even believe it’s possible to develop a science of economics. I […]

Is Higher Education the Gateway to the Middle Class?

Higher education has long been described as the gateway to the middle class. Particularly for low-income students, postsecondary education is described as a game changer, even while the exact nature of this relationship remains hard to pin down conclusively. But groundbreaking new research from Raj Chetty and his colleagues at Stanford University, Mobility Report Cards: The Role of Colleges in Intergenerational Mobility, offers a major step forward in our understanding of higher education and economic mobility in the United States. This work provides the best available evidence that higher education can help students climb the economic ladder, and it […]

Global middle-class growth will drive the world economy

Global middle-class growth will drive the world economy

© Getty Images Today, the global middle class, numbering about 3.2 billion in 2016, may be considerably larger — by about 500 million people — than when I first attempted to estimate their size seven years ago.

Asian households, in particular, are now thought to be much richer, relatively speaking, than before. Indeed, the next decade could see a faster expansion of the middle class than at any other time in history.

Within a few years, a majority of the world’s population could have middle-class or rich lifestyles for the first time ever. The most dynamic segment of the global middle-class […]

Economic Mobility: Research & Ideas on Strengthening Families, Communities & the Economy36

Improving Opportunities for Economic Mobility:

New Evidence and Policy Lessons

RAJ CHETTY Stanford UniversityThe views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent an endorsement by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis or the Federal Reserve System.The American Dream is a complicated concept, but I’d like to distill it down to a simple statistic that we are able to measure with data: the probability that a child born to parents in the bottom fifth of the income distribution makes the leap all the way to the top fifth of the income distribution.In the United States, […]