Spurring economic mobility goal of new WSSU academic center

Craig Richardson

The cultural and economic divide represented by U.S. 52 has been dissected and debated for decades.

A Winston-Salem State University economics professor hopes that a new center that opens today at WSSU will change that.

The Center for the Study of Economic Mobility will serve as a hub for faculty research, undergraduate student research scholarship and community outreach, said Craig Richardson, the center’s founding director. The goal is generating recommendations to policymakers.Richardson, who has been at WSSU for 25 years, recently served as chairman of the Department of Economics and Finance. WSSU also named Alvin Atkinson, previously director of the Center […]

Has the American Dream Moved to Canada?


Happy Canada Day! Canadians, especially those who like to compare themselves to the United States, have a couple of specific causes for celebration: higher median incomes and higher social mobility. A Strong Middle Class: In Canada

Canada’s median income level may now exceed America’s, according to a recent report from the New York Times drawing on the Luxemburg Income Study, Related

Strong Social Mobility: In Canada But comparing incomes only touches on part of Canada’s claim to the American dream. Canadians have not only enjoyed more broadly shared income growth; they’ve also seen more movement up and down the […]

Social and economical inequalities

inequalities and the number of individuals who fall below the threshold of Keywords: Inequality, social disparity, economic growth, development, gender disparities and environmental degradation; inequalities caused by globalization Jul 23, 2013 Is it surprising that in the aftermath of the financial crisis, in a global economy growing on credit, physical assets like land and crops are gaining The Russell Sage Foundation’s program on Social Inequality supports innovative research on whether rising economic inequality has affected social, political, achievement gap and racial and economic inequality as “natural” facts that result from inherent group differences, rather than viewing them as socially. […]

Social inequality in pakistan

pk/pdf/rr/RR170. Dynamics of Social Inequality in Pakistan. Social inequality occurs when resources in a given society are distributed unevenly, typically through norms of allocation, that engender specific patterns along May 14, 2015 Extreme inequality pervading in societies hurts all of us and makes getting out of the quagmire of poverty all the more difficult. pide. org. Pakistan. 1. CODE CATEGORY INCOME INEQUALITIES IN PAKISTAN AND A The Atkinson’s social welfare function is essentially a utilitarian social welfare function, Social Inequality and Environmental Threats in Indus Delta Villages: Pakistan * This COMCAD working paper is outcome of author’s fieldwork in […]

“Snob zoning” aggravates income equality in cities: Sean Speer in Sun papers

Sean Speer

Sean Speer argues Margaret Atwood’s opposition to development in her Toronto neighbourhood is a hypocritical stance that will further exacerbate income inequality and social mobility issues.

Author Margaret Atwood has recently come out against an eight-storey condo development in her Toronto neighbourhood on the grounds that it will lead to noise, less privacy, and fewer trees. Her outspoken opposition has produced a considerable social media backlash. Rightly so.

It requires a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance to lament the state of income inequality in the country, as the author of The Handmaid’s Tale does frequently, and then champion housing policies […]

Vince Cable warns inherited wealth is fuelling inequality

Vince Cable

The way "inherited wealth" is taxed must be overhauled to tackle widening inequalities and improve social mobility, Sir Vince Cable will say.

In his first big speech since becoming Lib Dem leader, he will call for a review of taxes on property and other assets passed down the generations.

While taxing income more would be counter-productive, he will say council tax is "outdated" and needs reform.His comments come amid warnings that the UK’s economic model is "broken".In a new report, the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice – whose members include the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby – is proposing a sweeping […]

Liberal Democrats to tax the rich in bid to reduce inequality and steal Labour voters


Vince Cable will cite the impact of the Grenfell Tower fire as showing ‘something stirring around the idea of inequality’ ​ Vince Cable will commit the Liberal Democrats to higher wealth taxes to woo Labour voters and tackle inequality that risks “tearing” Britain apart.

Owners of big homes must pay more and inheritance tax must rise because the divide between rich and poor is making people unhappy and dragging down the economy, he will say.

Sir Vince, who became Lib Dem leader in July, is also exploring a pledge to hike capital gains tax to put it in line with income […]

Widening inequality is largely a US and UK phenomenon – why?


New Liberal Democrats party leader Vince Cable explains how we can tackle inequality In modern Britain, there is something stirring around the idea of inequality: something new and worrying. This is based on the observation that inequalities of income, wealth and opportunity, between classes, regions and generations, are worsening, and that Britain is becoming a more unequal society compared to its neighbours and its past. This inequality is not merely offensive to the sensibilities of progressive minded folk, but is doing serious damage to wider society and our economy.

Sometimes an event crystallises such feelings. The Grenfell Tower disaster wasn’t […]

The Wage Gap for Black Workers Is Growing

U.S. black men earn 70 cents on a white man’s dollar

While part of gap owes to education, a growing portion doesn’t

Black workers earn less than their white counterparts in a worsening trend that holds even after accounting for differences in age, education, job type and geography, new Federal Reserve research shows.In 1979, the average black man in America earned 80 percent as much per hour as the average white man. By 2016, that shortfall had worsened to 70 percent, according to research Tuesday from the San Francisco Fed, which found the divide had also widened […]

Understand rising inequality

Frederick Solt, Yue Hu, Kevan Hudson, Jungmin Song, and Dong Erico Yu (Iowa): Economic Inequality and Belief in Meritocracy in the United States . Andrew Granato: “$330,000 in financial aid bought me a slot in the American meritocracy . Now I see its flaws” — we’re creating the new American aristocracy. To understand rising inequality, consider the janitors at two top companies, then and now. Mona Chalabi and Amanda Holpuch on what that Google memo didn’t tell you about pay inequality in America. No one measure of inequality tells the whole story: Income, wealth, and consumption should be considered […]