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GOBERNAR PARA LAS ÉLITES Secuestro democrático y desigualdad económica


Viviendas de las clases medias acomodadas se elevan sobre las comunidades hacinadas en Lucknow, India. Foto: Tom Pietrasik/Oxfam

La desigualdad económica crece rápidamente en la mayorÃa de los paÃses.La riqueza mundial está dividida en dos: casi la mitad está en manos del1% más rico de la población, y la otra mitad se reparte entre el 99%restante. El Foro Económico Mundial considera que esta desigualdadsupone un grave riesgo para el progreso de la humanidad. La desigualdadeconómica extrema y el secuestro de los procesos democráticos por partede las élites son demasiado a menudo interdependientes. La falta decontrol en las instituciones polÃticas produce […]

The Republican tax bill will explode income inequality in America

(Source: www.vox.com )

America’s rich have gotten richer for decades, while the middle class and poor have seen meager gains. Since the mid-20th century, the top 1 percent have more than doubled their share of the nation’s income, from less than 10 percent to more than 20 percent.

Donald Trump said he was going fix it — that he would represent the forgotten men and women, the people who had been left behind in this widening of income inequality.But the tax overhaul his Republican Party passed through the Senate early Saturday morning would make America’s income inequality worse. Maybe a lot […]

Automation threatens 800 million jobs, but technology could still save us, says report

A new report predicts that by 2030, as many as 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide to automation. The study , compiled by the McKinsey Global Institute, says that advances in AI and robotics will have a drastic effect on everyday working lives, comparable to the shift away from agricultural societies during the Industrial Revolution. In the US alone, between 39 and 73 million jobs stand to be automated — making up around a third of the total workforce.

But, the report also states that as in the past, technology will not be a purely destructive force. New jobs […]

The drivers and impacts of migration and labour mobility in origins and destinations: Building the evidence base for policies that promote safe, orderly and regular people’s and labour mobility for poverty reduction and sustainable development

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Technical workshop Objectives

1. Understand the diverse patterns, drivers and impacts of migration and labor mobility to address challenges for achieving sustainable livelihoods transformation, food security and nutrition and poverty reduction.

2. Promote multisector policy approaches to the development of rural areas and rural-urban linkages to facilitate rural transformation and agricultural and food systems’ transitions for economies and societies at large. The workshop will bring together researchers and policy makers from around the world in an effort to provide evidence, promote understanding, enhance dialogue on migration, labor and people’s mobility for poverty reduction and sustainable development.Relevant areas […]

North/South divide? Think again. National inequality is far more complex than that.

North/South divide? Think again. National inequality is far more complex than that.

A new report by the Social Mobility Commission (SMC) has identified areas with the worst prospects in the UK. And its study of national inequality has turned up surprising results. Especially for those still clinging to the concept of the ‘ North-South divide ‘. The Watford Gap

The boundary between Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, known as the ‘Watford Gap’, has traditionally been given social and economic importance. The perception was that areas to the north were more disadvantaged than those to the south. As recently as 2015, reports suggested the North/South divide not only still existed, but had widened. […]

Is Technology Causing Increased Income Inequality?

In recent years, the rate of productivity growth, both in the US and in every major economy worldwide, has slowed. At the same time, and particularly in the US, we’ve seen an increase in income inequality, with the top 1 percent seeing increased income while compensation for median-wage workers has been close to flat for decades. Are these two trends related? Or are there other factors at play?

This was the subject of several presentations at a conference I attended at the Petersen Institute for International Economics .

Since I have recently heard a number of economists debate the implications of […]

Germany is no poster child for economic growth

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a plenary session of Germany’s Parliament. Berlin, Nov. 21. (Michael Kappeler/DPA/AP) Marcel Fratzscher is president of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and professor of macroeconomics and finance at Humboldt University of Berlin.

BERLIN — Can you guess the country to which the following facts apply? Economic growth and wage growth have been below average over the past 20 years. More than one in five people have only temporary, low-wage or marginal jobs. Social and political polarization is increasing. Wealth inequality is among the highest of Western countries, and the government is […]

Won’t Get Fooled Again: Malcolm Harris’s “Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials”

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THE WORD “millennial” was first pressed into service as a noun in 1991 by William Strauss and Neil Howe in their book, Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069 . (Strauss had, by the time of the book’s publication already left an indelible mark on American culture: in 1981, he helped to found The Capitol Steps, the live performance troupe that delivers light political satire through mildly bawdy musical parodies drawn from the American songbook — e.g., “Papa’s Got a Brand-New Baghdad,” “Springtime for Liberals,” “Unzipping My Dooh Dah.”)

Strauss and Howe introduced the term […]

Most Iowa wages have stagnated. But the rich keep getting richer.


Grant and Katelyn Hobin work multiple jobs to pay off student loans while they wait to have a family. Buy Photo When her coworkers ask her to join them for a lunch out, Katelyn Hobin often declines, choosing to pinch pennies where she can.

A Des Moines social worker, Hobin never expected to be rich: She earned a liberal arts degree from a private college and entered a notoriously low-paying profession.

But she also never expected to find herself here.At 32, she’s still paying off student loans. Both she and her husband, Grant, a teacher, have part-time jobs in addition to […]

Causes of gender inequality in bangladesh

Research Proposal: Cause and Effect of Gender A Model of Gender Inequality and Economic Growth This paper introduces a model of gender inequality and economic growth. Read more. Introduction . Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC). Gender inequality is a result of the persistent discrimination of one group of people based upon If you ask an economist to explain the causes of poverty in Bangladesh, you are most likely to receive an overly jargonised lecture, beyond the ability of The causes of poverty in Bangladesh are tough to tackle, weak infrastructure and gender inequality that prevents women from contributing to […]