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Zelin: By the Numbers: How Gaping Disparities in Wealth Fuel a Generational Cycle of Inequality

Protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement gather at Zuccotti Park in New York on September 30, 2011. (Unmodified photo by David Shankbone used under a Creative Commons license. bit.ly/1E6HPMf ) We have all heard a great deal about the growing levels of income inequality in the United States. The top one percent of all earners in the U.S. rake in 40 times more than the bottom 90 percent, and the top one-tenth of the one percent has seen rapid levels of income growth as real wages continue to stagnate when compared to growth in productivity.

Concerns for the […]

Inequality Expert Miles Corak Appointed to the GC Faculty

Press Release

Media contact: Tanya Domi, 212-817-7283, tdomi@gc.cuny.edu ,

Internationally Known Inequality Expert Miles Corak Appointed to the Faculty of the Graduate Center, CUNY NEW YORK , Oct. 30, 2017 — Renowned economist and public policy expert Miles Corak has been appointed to the faculty of the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) , where he will also be a senior scholar at the James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality .Corak is currently a full professor of economics at the University of Ottawa and the economist […]

Tilting Upward: Skewed Giving Trends and Inequality in the Nonprofit Sector


Rising inequality in America over the past four decades has undermined living standards and social mobility, dampened economic growth, and corrupted U.S. politics.

But what about the effects of inequality on civil society and the nonprofit sector? That question has gotten much less attention. Yet there are growing signs that the vast chasm between the super wealthy and everyone else is also having negative effects in these realms, too.

The problem, in a nutshell, is that the rich have become an ever more dominant force in philanthropic giving and, as a result, increasingly shape the priorities of civil society. While many […]

Interview: Why Samuel Gebru is Running for City Council in Cambridge, MA

Samuel Gebru is a candidate for a City Council seat in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Courtesy photo) Tadias Magazine
By Tadias Staff

October 28th, 2017
New York (TADIAS) – When we first featured Samuel Gebru in Tadias Magazine a few years ago as the Founder of the Ethiopian American Youth Initiative (EAYI) he was barely 19 years old. Today Samuel, who turns 26 next month, is running for a City Council seat in Cambridge, Massachusetts with elections to be held on Tuesday, November 7th.“If elected I will be the second Ethiopian-American in Massachusetts to hold office,” Samuel tells Tadias in a […]

How to Fix Racial Inequities in the Workplace

Racial Inequities

(Editor’s Note: This story is part of a partnership between Next Avenue and Chasing the Dream , a public media initiative on poverty and opportunity.)

As Next Avenue has noted , there are huge wealth and income disparities between blacks and whites in America (average wealth of white families was more than $500,000 higher than African Americans in 2013 and whites in 2015 earned $25.22 an hour, on average, compared with $18.49 for blacks). But what accounts for the huge labor market disparities between blacks and whites, such as an unemployment rate that’s been roughly twice as high for […]

The century gap: Low economic mobility for black men, 150 years after the Civil War


The legacy of American racism is dominating the headlines again. One of the arguments used against the removal or relocation of Confederate symbols is that “it is simply part of our history”. This is not the case. The results of the enslavement, disenfranchisement and exclusion of black Americans remain visible and vivid in 21st century America.

Take the economic gap between black and white Americans, which is stark and stubborn. Black median household income was $36,898 in 2015, compared to $62,950 for whites . The gap has actually widened slightly since 2002 (from $23,500 to $26,000).

The black-white income gap obviously […]

What shape will an inclusive growth agenda take in Canada?

Governments have come to recognize that income inequality hinders economic growth. How policy-makers will support inclusive growth remains to be seen.

Conventional wisdom on the relationship between economic growth and inequality has been turned on its head in recent years. The world’s leading economic institutions — the OECD, the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission — no longer conceive of growth and social inclusion as unrelated policy goals. Indeed, each of them has endorsed in one form or another an inclusive growth agenda that “can create opportunities for all segments of the population and […]

Why the Solutions to Economic Mobility Are Local

In 1940, 92 percent of kids in America could grow up to do better than their parents, economically-speaking. Today, that’s just 50 percent. The American Dream, in other words, comes down to a coin toss. This issue, it turns out, really comes down to the neighborhood inequalities.

“While this is a daunting national trend, its roots are really at the local level,”says Raj Chetty, an economist at Stanford University, speaking at CityLab Paris , an annual convening of city leaders. And because each locale has its own constellation of problems dragging down its residents, solutions need to be data-driven and […]

The Monetary Policy Outlook and the Importance of Higher Education for Economic Mobility

Remarks at the Council for Economic Education’s 56th Annual Financial Literacy & Economic Education Conference, New York City

Good afternoon. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak at this Council for Economic Education (CEE) event, marking the CEE’s 56th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference. Given the hard lessons of the financial crisis—and the economic challenges still facing many Americans—there are few goals more worthy than promoting greater financial and economic literacy. As always, what I have to say reflects my own views and not necessarily those of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) or the […]

Income Inequality Movies

Title : Wealth Inequality in America

Summary : Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual … Title : The One Percent

Summary : This 80-minute documentary focuses on the growing "wealth gap" in America, as seen through the eyes of filmmaker Jamie Johnson, a 27-year-old heir to the … Title : Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream – Why Poverty? Summary : How much inequality is too much? To find out more and get teaching resources linked to the film, go […]