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Trump Will Take Credit For 2018 Economic Growth, But Will He Take Blame For Inequality?

President Trump thanks himself for everything from a record high stock market, to a year without any plane crashes. Will he take the blame for increased inequality this year? HSBC economists warn of greater wealth gaps to come in 2018. (Photographer: Mike Theiler/Pool via Bloomberg)

It will come as no surprise when President Trump pats himself on the back for another year of strong growth. But will he take the blame for the rising tide of inequality expected in 2018?

Trump’s critics will have much better ammo on the inequality front than they’ve mustered to get out of their Russian "collusion" […]

The Year of Living Angrily

An important and perhaps overlooked story of 2017 was the opioid crisis among the urban poor. Here Clara Cardelle, an outreach worker, passes out fentanyl test strips, naloxone and hygiene kits in the Bronx. The close of 2017 probably finds you with little residual outrage. You spent it all during a year that supplied daily — no, often quarter-hourly — occasions to look up from your cubicle and beg for mercy, deliverance, scream therapy or permanent-resident status in Iceland. New Yorkers directed whatever anger they had left for the decrepit state of the subway system. But there was plenty […]

Barton: Valley EDCs understand importance of closing digital divide

MCALLEN, RGV – Jordana Barton, senior advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, says economic development leaders in the Rio Grande Valley do get the importance of closing the digital divide.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Rio Grande Guardian, Barton was asked why so few economic development corporations in the Valley make digital inclusion a central plank of their mission statement.

“I believe the EDCs do get it. I think they realize the digital divide is a structural barrier to attracting business, to upward mobility for families. We definitely know that,” Barton said.Barton was part of a delegation of […]

Escaping Poverty Requires Almost 20 Years With Nearly Nothing Going Wrong

A man cleans up confetti while surrounded by tourists in Times Square in New York.

A lot of factors have contributed to American inequality: slavery, economic policy, technological change, the power of lobbying, globalization, and so on. In their wake, what’s left?

That’s the question at the heart of a new book, The Vanishing Middle Class: Prejudice and Power in a Dual Economy , by Peter Temin, an economist from MIT. Temin argues that, following decades of growing inequality, America is now left with what is more or less a two-class system: One small, predominantly white upper class that wields a disproportionate share of money, power, and political influence and a much larger, minority-heavy (but […]

2017: Technology — 1, Civilization — 0

earth day

At CleanTechnica, we celebrate the wonders of science, engineering, and technology. We catalog in detail the advances made in renewable energy and transportation — advances that will make it possible to transition away from a world in which emissions from burning fossil fuels threaten the environment or make us sick. Yet all the talk of new technology often obscures the larger purpose behind these advances. They amount to little more than invention for invention’s sake with no thought given to the ultimate goal — the improvement of the human condition. Sometimes we need to stop for a moment and […]

‘The New Wealth of Nations’ review: The path to growth

The New Wealth of Nations Surjit S. Bhalla Simon & Schuster ₹599 For development economists, study of the growth process of developing countries has an allure like Mona Lisa’s smile for connoisseurs of art. In the early post-war years, it was the view that shortage of capital was the bane of development. Countries were advised to attract capital through foreign aid and/or investment. One group, led by the World Bank, advocated market-driven trade, especially exports, as the engine of growth. Another pitched upon technology as the lever for growth and plumbed for its global diffusion.

In short, development is too […]

What Ancient Houses Tell Us About McMansions and Inequality

Archaeological ruins in the outline of a house, with trees and mountains in the background

A larger house in El Palmillo, a site in Oaxaca, Mexico. Photo: Linda Nicholas. It’s not hard to tell rich neighborhoods from poor neighborhoods. Wealthy parts of town generally have nicer cars, clean, well-groomed lawns, and, most strikingly, giant sprawling mansions. It’s nothing new: across cultures, wealth and power have been tied to large homes for thousands of years.

A group of scientists, including Field Museum anthropology curator Gary Feinman, recently explored the link between house sizes and inequality. Based on a sample of more than 60 cases, they discovered that on the whole, patterns of inequality in Eurasia over […]

Meetup, It’s the growing wealth inequality, duh

What each country leads in. http://thedoghousediaries.com/5414

What each country leads in. http://thedoghousediaries.com/5414 Though our deaths by lawn mower lead is probably safe, the United States is stagnating, lagging and falling behind in many areas. Any tenuous connection between the status of the US and racial or gender movements have been disproven by trends since the great recession. The most likely explanation for our plight is the 4 decade long giveaway to upper income brackets in the guise of supply-side or trickle-down economic policies pushed by Republicans.

All of the information herein is readily available and most of it has been widely reported. There will be a […]

Automation threatens 800 million jobs, but technology could still save us, says report

A new report predicts that by 2030, as many as 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide to automation. The study , compiled by the McKinsey Global Institute, says that advances in AI and robotics will have a drastic effect on everyday working lives, comparable to the shift away from agricultural societies during the Industrial Revolution. In the US alone, between 39 and 73 million jobs stand to be automated — making up around a third of the total workforce.

But, the report also states that as in the past, technology will not be a purely destructive force. New jobs […]

The drivers and impacts of migration and labour mobility in origins and destinations: Building the evidence base for policies that promote safe, orderly and regular people’s and labour mobility for poverty reduction and sustainable development

©FAO/Marco Longari

Technical workshop Objectives

1. Understand the diverse patterns, drivers and impacts of migration and labor mobility to address challenges for achieving sustainable livelihoods transformation, food security and nutrition and poverty reduction.

2. Promote multisector policy approaches to the development of rural areas and rural-urban linkages to facilitate rural transformation and agricultural and food systems’ transitions for economies and societies at large. The workshop will bring together researchers and policy makers from around the world in an effort to provide evidence, promote understanding, enhance dialogue on migration, labor and people’s mobility for poverty reduction and sustainable development.Relevant areas […]