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WANG: What we can’t afford

Although Yale’s campus now is familiar to me, moving in still is disorienting. Surrounded by well-kept lawns and high-ceilinged dining halls, Longchamp bags and Apple laptops, I’m constantly reminded of the separation between this economic privilege and the home I’ve left behind. For many low-income students like me, returning to Yale presents the difficult navigation of class cues and wealth barriers.

Part of this is the institution. Yale professors often assume that students can afford expensive materials or small extras — it’s almost a cliché at this point, but $10 for you is not the same for me. The student […]

U.S. News rankings driving economic inequality on campus

campus inequality

Credit: Flickr, Cristopher Allen.

Earning a college degree used to be a proven way to climb the social mobility ladder but a new Politico investigation suggests universities all over the United States are reinforcing existing wealth.

According to the Equality of Opportunity Project , the country’s elite universities such as Yale or Princeton admit more students coming from families whose earnings are in the top one percent than the bottom 60 percent combined. Writing for Politico, Benjamin Wermund argues that the U.S. News rankings are at least partly to blame for this situation. These rankings rely on criteria which reward […]

State schools must become engines of economic mobility again: New York State is onto something

SOURCE: New York Daily News

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By Harold O. LevyFor decades, America’s public flagship universities offered a reasonably priced shot at higher education for millions of bright students in the states where they were brought up. Sadly, those days are waning, as the race for affluent out-of-state students begins to crush the ambitions of students with financial need-and, may soon, deprive our nation of their talents.Amid ongoing debate about former U.S. Secretary of Education William Bennett’s hypothesis — that rising student aid spurs rising tuition — one thing is clear: Students willing to pay full freight […]

The subtle ways colleges discriminate against poor students

A few years ago, hundreds of college administrators received a survey in the mail. It was designed to figure out what they believed it takes to succeed in college.

The survey listed 12 skills that colleges generally expect students to develop, but the administrators were asked to pick the five most important.

You can do the same exercise below:What the researchers didn’t tell the administrators is that half of these expectations represented independent norms, and the other half represented interdependent norms.And these administrators had a clear bias. (See how your biases compare by filling out the quiz above.)They had a bias […]

Finding the “American Dream” in rural America

Top 15 rural U.S. counties for social mobility

An assumed characteristic of the “American Dream” is that it applies universally to all Americans, regardless of where they are born or whether their hometown is a bustling metropolis or sleepy rural town.

However, new research from Brookings Senior Fellow Richard Reeves and Eleanor Krause , a senior research assistant in the Center on Children and Families at Brookings, suggests this might not be the case, particularly across rural America. Achieving upward “absolute intergenerational mobility”—or growing up to be better off than your parents—is still difficult for many Americans. While some rural communities appear successful at bolstering opportunity, others exhibit […]

Close the growing economic divide by teaching two generations at once

Joey Denoncourt teaches during his second grade class at College View Elementary.

Joey Denoncourt teaches during his second grade class at College View Elementary. When I showed up to tour the Center for Family Opportunity at College View Elementary in Southwest Denver, the Bayaud Enterprises laundry truck was in the parking lot. Bayaud was there to clean students’ clothes, on site, for free.

It never occurred to me students are more likely to skip a day of school if they don’t have clean clothes. It didn’t immediately strike me that a mounting dirty laundry pile could distract a family from the critical learning that takes place at home. But here at College […]

We Need Disaster Recovery for the People

In a world wracked by climate change, we need disaster recovery for the people.

Houston has barely begun to recover from Harvey, and Irma is already devastating the Caribbean as it makes its way toward Puerto Rico and Florida. Its hard to imagine all the grief, effort, and cost it will take to rebuild. But we better get used to it, because climate science tells us that more such disasters are coming. We should learn how to recover from them in a smart, humane way – one that promotes economic and social justice so that people and communities can truly […]

New Study Shows Political Unrest Often Starts With Lack of Upward Immobility

In countries with higher levels of economic freedom, individuals are free to move up (or down) the socio-economic ladder because of the decisions they make and the work that they do. They have what economists call social mobility.

The freedom to earn income according to one’s talents and to own and control property are a big part of economic freedom and of social mobility. In more economically free societies, the socio-economic status a person has as a child need not determine that status as an adult.

Not surprisingly, new research , published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution, affirms a relationship […]

Has the American Dream Moved to Canada?


Happy Canada Day! Canadians, especially those who like to compare themselves to the United States, have a couple of specific causes for celebration: higher median incomes and higher social mobility. A Strong Middle Class: In Canada

Canada’s median income level may now exceed America’s, according to a recent report from the New York Times drawing on the Luxemburg Income Study, Related

Strong Social Mobility: In Canada But comparing incomes only touches on part of Canada’s claim to the American dream. Canadians have not only enjoyed more broadly shared income growth; they’ve also seen more movement up and down the […]

Social and economical inequalities

inequalities and the number of individuals who fall below the threshold of Keywords: Inequality, social disparity, economic growth, development, gender disparities and environmental degradation; inequalities caused by globalization Jul 23, 2013 Is it surprising that in the aftermath of the financial crisis, in a global economy growing on credit, physical assets like land and crops are gaining The Russell Sage Foundation’s program on Social Inequality supports innovative research on whether rising economic inequality has affected social, political, achievement gap and racial and economic inequality as “natural” facts that result from inherent group differences, rather than viewing them as socially. […]