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Sacrifice zones in rural and non-metro USA: fertile soil for authoritarian populism


Sacrifice zones – abandoned, economically shattered places – are spreading in historically white rural areas and small towns across the United States. Rural decline fosters regressive authoritarian politics. Mississippi in 2010. Photograph taken by the author. All rights reserved. This is the fourth article in a series on ‘confronting authoritarian populism and the rural world’, linked to the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative ( ERPI ). The article opening the series can be read here .

‘The United States is coming to resemble two separate countries, one rural and one urban,’ political analyst David Graham proclaimed in a 2017 article […]

Why Is It So Hard for Democracy to Deal With Inequality?

A fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in New York in Sept. 2016. In theory, in a democracy, the majority should influence — some would even say determine — the distribution of income. In practice, this is not the case.

Over the past few decades, political scientists have advanced a broad range of arguments to explain why democracy has failed to stem the growth of inequality.

Most recently, Thomas Piketty , a French economist who is the author of “ Capital in the Twenty-First Century ,” has come up with a straightforward answer: Traditional parties of the left no longer represent the working […]

Milano and NSSR’s Darrick Hamilton is Confronting Inequality with Economics

Darrick Hamilton believes that, in a world in need of solutions to urgent problems, he and other scholars no longer have the luxury of ensconcing themselves in the ivory towers of academia. "With great power comes great responsibility,” he says. The first week of 2018 was a busy one for Darrick Hamilton, one of the country’s leading stratification economists. At the start of the new year, he traveled to the American Economic Association conference in Philadelphia to make a presentation on baby bond accounts, his novel idea to provide small trust funds to all American newborns that they could […]

A new study says much of the rise in inequality is an illusion

Results from these papers are also mixed. Sunday hands me her smartphone and invites me to listen to a recording of her work, which is much better than I expected — though I am not sure what . ‘Predistribution’ is a new word for an old idea – that inequality and poverty should. (Note: see the New Yorker’s helpful infographic about wealth inequality and New York’s subway lines. It’s much more complicated than that. But we believe that the time has come for a new approach. Segregation and the wealth gap According to the Lewis Mumford Center at the […]

Remarks by the President on Economic Mobility

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you, everybody. Thank you so much. Please, please have a seat. Thank you so much. Well, thank you, Neera, for the wonderful introduction and sharing a story that resonated with me. There were a lot of parallels in my life and probably resonated with some of you.

Over the past 10 years, the Center for American Progress has done incredible work to shape the debate over expanding opportunity for all Americans. And I could not be more grateful to CAP not only for giving me a lot of good policy ideas, but also giving […]

Economic Mobility and Family Structure: An Interview with Richard Reeves

"I am absolutely convinced that if you can help people to decide when and where they become parents, one of the results would be that more of them would decide to get married first." Tweet This

Tweet This

“Upper middle-class families have become greenhouses for the cultivation of human capital," writes Brookings Institution senior fellow Richard Reeves in his new book, Dream Hoarders . "Children raised in them are on a different track than ordinary Americans, right from the very beginning.” As he shows in the book, the children of upper middle-class parents enjoy more than just […]

Economic Inequality– Not Just Public Policy… It Starts On A Personal Level

A lot of voters– voters who don’t know rich people, I always thought– were impressed with Trump’s claims that because he was so rich he wouldn’t be susceptible to taking bribes and being a crook. Personally, I know lots of rich people so I recognized Trump was lying– lying egregiously, tricking voters by design.
At the end of 2013, Paul Piff, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Social Behavior at UC Irvine gave the TED talk above, which I urge you to watch. Piff describes his primary academic interest as "how social hierarchy, economic inequality and […]

The Ad Industry Keeps Selling An American Dream That Most Aren’t Living

Would you consider yourself middle class? Chances are, whether you’re wealthy, lower income, or actually somewhere in the middle, you still identify as middle class. There are plenty of reasons why that is–“middle class” might be the most used word in modern politics–but a new University of Wisconsin study posits that it could also be because ads are telling us we’re middle class.

The study “Marketing Social Class and Ideology in Post-World-War-Two American Print Advertising” appears in the Journal of Macromarketing and reviewed more than 1,300 randomly selected print ads from 1950 to 2015. It found that the middle, upper […]

Economic inequality produces sickness and a politics of rage

Kentucky citizens need to be reminded of the out-of-state corporate plutocrats and their homegrown enablers making Kentucky one of the most unequal as well as most unhealthy states.

Independent studies of economic and physical well-being consistently rank Kentucky as one of the poorest and unhealthiest states . Kentuckians are literally dying of inequality.

Inequality, high poverty and ill health are closely connected. In 2016 Kentucky’s 18.5 percent poverty rate was one of the highest in the nation. Almost a third (30.8 percent) of African-Americans and just over one in four children living in poverty. Kentucky ranks second in the rate of […]

The cure for income inequality lies in the voting booth

The cure for income inequality lies in the voting booth

© Getty Images A recent Deutsche Bank note on inequality confirmed what millions of American already know: Despite a soaring stock market and reassuringly low unemployment, the gap between Americans’ finances continues to widen.

The data tell a stark picture. The top 10 percent used to capture about one-third of all income, now it gets over half. Wage disparities have been equally as bad. And these glaring gaps in income have produced a marked divergence in prosperity — almost all of the gains in wealth over the past 30 years have gone to the top 10 percent.

According to the research, […]