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To understand Trump, learn from his voters


To make sense of Donald Trump’s emerging presidency, it helps to understand the social and economic discontent that put him in office. Harvard Professor Michael Sandel took a hard look at those concerns during a Tuesday afternoon lecture called “Why Trump? What Now?” Sandel argued that Trump’s rise, whatever some people may think of it, was based on legitimate public concerns that weren’t otherwise being addressed.

Addressing a full house at Harvard Law School’s Langdell Hall, Sandel first acknowledged the concerns of many of his listeners. “Many people around the world worry that the American republic is tilting toward tyranny. […]



1 INCOME INEQUALITY: ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATION USING THE BARDACH METHOD A Thesis Presented to the faculty of the Department of Public Policy and Administration California State University, Sacramento Submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF PUBLIC POLICY AND ADMINISTRATION by Michael W. Billingsley SPRING 2014

2 2014 Michael W. Billingsley ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ii3 INCOME INEQUALITY: ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATION USING THE BARDACH METHOD A Thesis by Michael W. Billingsley Approved by:, Committee Chair Robert W. Wassmer, Ph.D., Second Reader Su Jin Jez, Ph.D. Date iii4 Student: Michael W. Billingsley I certify that this […]

LSESU Social Mobility: “The majority of people at LSE are unaware of their economic privilege“

I never believed I would fit in at LSE. Before coming to university, I strongly believed that there would be no people from my race or social class at the university, which was a huge psychological barrier for me.

Despite the fact that I knew perfectly well how to assimilate into social and cultural settings that were foreign to me since I had attended one of the top state grammar schools in the country, I realised that I could never be myself or ‘let my hair down’ in these settings. This policing of my nature and culture included not […]

It’s not the economy; it’s education

Democrats are searching for a plan to bridge the deep political gulf between the white, working-class voters who supported Donald Trump and the urban, professional, LGBT voters and people of color who supported Hillary Clinton. The major parties are becoming foreign countries to each other — with their own media, values and vocabularies. The solution: Focus on the yawning educational divide that underlies the political one.

Educational attainment separates Americans geographically, politically, economically and culturally. College graduates backed Clinton by a nine-point margin. Voters without a college degree backed Trump. Clinton won more votes among college-educated whites than Barack Obama […]

Tuition-free college would rev up California’s economic engine


[As part of Community Advocates continuing efforts to illuminate issues that warrant attention and action, its consultant, Morley Winograd, wrote this op/ed in today’s Sacramento Bee for Community Advocates. It makes clear that California’s multi-level post-secondary public educational structure is doing something right, we just need to do more of it . The policy makers who can make a difference are in our state capital and read the Bee . – David A. Lehrer] Tuition-free college would rev up California’s economic engines


Higher education is the key to economic mobility in America. A recent study […]

Would Mike Ilitch’s story be possible today?


Buy Photo Mike Ilitch lived an extraordinary life.

Son of Macedonian immigrants, he was a working-class kid who served in the Marines and got a tryout with the Detroit Tigers organization. Ilitch parlayed grit, creativity, a good marriage and a passion for his hometown into becoming one of the richest and most famous Detroiters of his time.

His was the kind of achievement that the American Dream has tended to proffer its most talented and hard-working youth. From Henry Ford to Steve Jobs, America’s saga is replete with these rags-to-riches stories.But it’s fair to ask whether a life such as Ilitch’s […]

What Social Democracy Delivers

A demonstration on May Day 1917 in Sandviken, Sweden. Britt-Marie Sohlström / Flickr The next issue of Jacobin , “ Journey to the Dark Side ,” will be out February 21. Subscribe for the first time at a discount . n Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz squared off in a CNN debate about the future of health care in the United States. As might be expected from an event pitting the country’s most well-known social democrat against one of the GOP’s most reactionary , Ayn Rand – loving conservatives , the discussion inevitably turned to larger questions […]

Economic Diversity and Social Mobility at Christian Colleges

CCCU sign

Back in November 2012 I wondered about the economic diversity of Christian and church-related colleges and universities. “While I’m glad to see more attention being given to the treatment of women and people of color on Christian college campuses,” I wrote, “it also makes me realize how little I’ve heard us talk about a third potential inequality: that based on socioeconomic class.” But using student survey data from the Higher Education Research Institute, I found that “religious (but not Catholic) colleges and universities are the only category of private schools at which a majority of students have parents who […]

In the Age of Trump, Cities Will Lead the Way Toward Increased Economic Opportunity

New York Anti-Trump Protestors

Demonstrators hold aloft signs at the conclusion of a rally near Trump Tower in New York City on November 12, 2016. (AP / Albin Lohr-Jones) This fall’s election highlighted a deep undercurrent of anxiety that the American Dream is eroding.

People have real reason to be worried. New data from Stanford’s Raj Chetty illustrates that with every passing decade since the 1940s, Americans have become less and less likely to out-earn their parents.

Donald Trump tapped into that anxiety to great effect. But blaming immigrants, weakening labor unions, eliminating health care coverage for millions of Americans, privatizing infrastructure, and rolling back […]

Dillard & HBCUs: Engines of Economic Mobility

Dillard & HBCUs: Engines of Economic Mobility

America’s Great Working-Class Colleges
The equivalent number at the University of Texas, El Paso, is 71 percent. At California State University in Bakersfield… www.nytimes.com
Within the past 2 weeks there have been some interesting New York Times stories on education. The first indicated that 38 schools have more students from the top 1% of incomes than they do the entire bottom 60%. Yeah- that’s an editorial by itself. But the other shared information about a comprehensive study of decades of tax returns to determine a number of items, including which schools […]