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Europe and Central Asia Economic Update, October 2017 : Migration and Mobility

October 19, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure


Download PDF (6.8 MB) Europe and Central Asia Region Sees Stronger Growth, Amidst Rise in Migration

Warsaw, October 19, 2017 – Economic growth for the Europe and Central Asia region will reach 2.2% in 2017, according to the World Bank’s latest Regional Economic Update, Migration and Mobility in Europe and Central Asia . This represents the strongest growth in the region since 2011, and is 0.3 percentage points above the Bank’s previous forecast in May 2017.

Growth in Europe and Central Asia comes on the back of stronger industrial production and more exports in recent months, lifting most countries in […]

UK’s low pay culture traps people in poorly paid jobs, study finds

October 18, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Britain’s low pay culture traps people in poorly paid jobs and prevents them from escaping into full-time work with better pay, according to a major study by the government-backed body that tracks social mobility.

Only one in six workers on low pay managed in the last 10 years to push themselves up the pay ladder and stay there, while most remained stuck in a cycle of part-time and insecure jobs.

The analysis by the Social Mobility Commission found that a quarter of low-paid workers remained permanently stuck in low pay and nearly half (48%) fluctuated in and out of it over […]

Eagles defensive end Chris Long is donating his entire 2017 salary to education charities

October 18, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

chris long

Rob Carr/Getty Eagles defensive end Chris Long had already proven himself to be a giving person, having donated his first six game checks of the 2017 season to help fund scholarships in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia , in an effort to promote education equity.

On Wednesday, Long announced that his charitable giving was not yet done for the year, and that his final ten game checks would be used to launch the "Pledge 10 for Tomorrow" campaign .

According to a press release from the Chris Long Foundation, "The campaign encourages fans, businesses and every person with a desire to […]

Column: For black athletes, wealth doesn’t equal freedom

October 18, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Jacksonville Jaguars players kneel before the national anthem before their NFL football game against the New York Jets in East Rutherford, New Jersey, U.S. October 1, 2017. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz - RC1676C39A30

Jacksonville Jaguars NFL players kneel before the national anthem before their game against the New York Jets on Oct. 1, 2017. Photo by REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz In America, there’s a significant kind of public insistence that one’s “freedom” is fundamentally tied to one’s wealth.

Much of the country views America through an aspirational and transformative lens, a colorblind and bias-free utopia, wherein wealth conveys equality and acts as a panacea for social and racial ills. Once an individual achieves massive financial success, or so the message goes, he or she will “transcend” the scourge of economic and racial inequality, truly becoming […]

TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS BRIEFING: Daimler and Volvo eye digital futures — GM to test self-driving cars in New York — Waymo details its self-driving technology’s safety protocols

October 18, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Auto Industry Profits

Welcome to Transportation & Logistics Briefing, a new morning email providing the latest news, data, and insight on how digital technology is disrupting transportation and delivery, produced by BI Intelligence.

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Have feedback? We’d like to hear from you. Write me at: . DAIMLER AND VOLVO PLAN FOR A DIGITAL FUTURE: Two of Europe’s biggest automakers are looking at how they can change their businesses to better compete in the future of autonomous and shared mobility, media outlets report. Daimler is reportedly finalizing plans […]

Youth likely to face higher inequality in old age: OECD

October 18, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Youth likely to face higher inequality in old age: OECD

FILE PHOTO Turkish government submits 2018 budget to parliament EU28 trade deficit some $6B in Aug: Eurostat Turkey’s budget deficit down over 60 pct in September Pakistan: Punjab set to follow Turkish healthcare model ANKARA

Younger generations have been experiencing more unstable labour market conditions and widening inequalities, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said on Wednesday.

This contributes to widening inequality in old age, while socio-economic disparities in health status remain large, according to a report released by OECD.“Ageing unequally is detrimental to future economic growth, particularly where inequality of opportunity locks in privilege or exclusion, undermining intergenerational […]

Chan Hol cave remains date Mesoamerican settlement to 13,000 years ago

October 17, 2017 ·  · Topic: BP Settlement  · Relevance: not sure

A prehistoric human skeleton in the Chan Hol cave near Tulúm on the Yucatán peninsula, prior to looting by unknown cave divers.

A prehistoric human skeleton in the Chan Hol cave near Tulúm on the Yucatán peninsula, prior to looting by unknown cave divers. Radioactive dating of skeletal remains unearthed in a Mexican cave indicates the area was settled by humans at least 13,000 years ago.

Research conducted by a team led by Wolfgang Stinnesbeck of Heidelberg University in Germany set out to resolve contradictory previous results obtained using carbon-14 dating by testing the location using a different technique, known as uranium-thorium dating.

This method measures the degree to which naturally occurring uranium-234 – with a half-life of 245,000 years – decays into […]

Google’s parent company is creating an entire high-tech neighborhood in Toronto — here’s what it could look like

October 17, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Sidewalk Toronto

An aerial view of Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront. Sidewalk Toronto

On Tuesday, Sidewalk Labs — the urban innovation unit of Google parent company Alphabet — announced that it will design a high-tech neighborhood on Toronto’s waterfront.

Exact design plans are still unclear, but the company has released preliminary renderings of what it imagines the 12-acre district, called Quayside, could look like.The city of Toronto and Sidewalk Labs call the larger project "Sidewalk Toronto." Technology will be a big part of the masterplan, Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff said at a press conference on Tuesday."This will not be a place where we deploy […]

Former Ford CEO Mark Fields will join private-equity group TPG Capital

October 17, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Mark Fields

Former Ford CEO Mark Fields. REUTERS/Brendan Mcdermid Fields will become a Senior Advisor at TPG Capital, a private equity firm.

The former Ford CEO will work in TPG’s industrials group.

TPG has over $73 billion under management. Mark Fields, the former CEO of Ford who was ousted earlier this year after 28 years at the automaker, will join TPG Capital as a Senior Advisor, Business Insider has learned.TPG is a private-equity and alternative asset giant with over $73 billion in assets under management and was started as the Texas Pacific Group in 1992 by David Bonderman, […]

Former Microsoft CEO says creating economic mobility for all will take local focus, unified effort and hard work

October 17, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Staff Photographer DALLAS — Steve Ballmer has gobs of money. The former Microsoft CEO is one of the richest people in the world, with a net worth of around $30 billion.

He also wants all children in the United States to have economic mobility.

But he’s not willing to throw his wealth around in hopes of finding a fix-all solution, what he calls “spray and pray.”That’s the wrong approach to look at education philanthropy, said Ballmer, the keynote speaker at the annual Dallas County Education Investors meeting, held Tuesday at the George W. Bush Institute.A comprehensive strategy touching all aspects of […]