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Eradicate poverty everywhere

October 16, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

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A mother and her son live in a corridor at Carrefour Feuilles in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Photo: Andrés Martínez Casares/UNDP As the world commemorates the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, on ‘ Answering the call to end poverty’ , we are reminded that there is still poverty in multiple dimensions everywhere. Eradicating poverty means expanding the richness of human life, rather than simply the richness of the economy in which human beings live. This concept of human development championed by UNDP recognizes that income is only a means. All people, everywhere need more choices and opportunities to live […]

TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS BRIEFING: The future of urban transportation — Nvidia’s new computer for fully driverless cars — Baidu nabs another self-driving partner

October 16, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Ride Hailing Usage

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Have feedback? We’d like to hear from you. Write me at: . HOW CITIES CAN BENEFIT FROM CONNECTED, AUTONOMOUS TRANSPORTATION: Cities are grappling with decaying transportation infrastructure and booming populations driven by global urbanization. Meanwhile, new, digitally-enabled transportation services like ride-hailing are […]

Fighting inequality with higher education

October 16, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

When given the right support, higher education can significantly help to re-balance society

At both the major parties’ conferences this year, the future of higher education (HE) and who participates in it featured prominently as an issue. However, while each party has polices designed to catch the young person’s eye by making HE cheaper, neither is offering, as yet, a vision for HE in early 21st century Britain.

Central to this vision should be the contribution that HE can make to reducing inequality. HE leaders at the conferences were candid about the torrid time experiences within HE recently. One way to […]

Alarming statistics: how SA’s economy suffers from inequality

October 16, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Picture: SOWETAN

Picture: SOWETAN Some alarming statistics were presented at the recent Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA) Confronting Inequality conference.

Millions of South Africans cannot afford to buy food or access healthcare, decent sanitation and other essentials of a dignified life. The National Income Dynamics Study shows that 29% of the population are trapped in severe poverty. Over the past few years, 3-million people have joined the ranks of the impoverished.

Four-fifths of the rural population live below the poverty line — almost double the rate of poverty in the metros. However, in urban areas too, many face spatial segregation from productive economic […]

The state’s next governor should endorse New Mexico Development Accounts

October 15, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Chronically among the poorest states, New Mexico received the dubious distinction in 2015 of being ranked 51st by the Measure of America, behind Nevada and Mississippi, which is based on 16 indicators related to the economy, education and community. New Mexico’s drop to last place is a signal that the next governor must redouble efforts to increase the prospects for New Mexicans.

New Mexico Development Accounts represent an innovative model for accelerating the upward mobility of New Mexicans. Integrating behavioral economics, asset building and impact investing, NMDAs represent a new social contract between citizens and government.

• The default for an […]

George Soros Funded A Study Of White Working-Class Voters Who Support Trump. Here’s What He Found

October 14, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

George Soros Getty Images/Olivier Morin

George Soros Getty Images/Olivier Morin A recently-released research study sheds light on the values of white working-class voters in the United States and the reasons these voters strongly supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Three researchers from three different universities authored the study, titled “ White Working-Class Views on Belonging, Change, Identity and Immigration .”

Open Society Foundations , a network of political organizations controlled by left-wing billionaire George Soros , funded the study.The trio of researchers conducted the study by visiting four places between August 2016 and March 2017: Birmingham, Alabama; Dayton, Ohio; Tacoma, Washington; Phoenix, Arizona; […]

The impact of caste on economic mobility in India

October 14, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Caste networks play an unusually important role in shaping economic mobility in the Indian economy. Photo: AFP

Caste networks play an unusually important role in shaping economic mobility in the Indian economy. Photo: AFP The caste system is arguably the most distinctive feature of Indian society. The Indian population is divided into four hierarchical classes, or varnas , with a large sub-population of untouchables excluded entirely from the system. Within each of these classes, and among the untouchables, are thousands of castes, or jatis . The central rule in Hindu society is that individuals must marry within their own caste. Recent genetic evidence indicates that this rule has been followed for over 2,000 years. Spatial segregation […]

Indonesia’s Islamisation: Swipe right for polygamy, left for women’s rights

October 14, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

The AyoPoligami dating app. Photo: Reuters

The AyoPoligami dating app. Photo: Reuters CREEPING ISLAMISATION IN Southeast Asia’s Muslim-majority countries is threatening to undo recent progress in gender equality, say women’s rights advocates who are stepping up campaigns for greater legal protections. They say recent controversies, including the launch of a mobile dating app for polygamists in Indonesia , have highlighted how cultural and religious views are increasingly impeding efforts towards gender equality in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation.

The app, called AyoPoligami, lets men and women scroll through users’ profiles, much like the popular dating app Tinder – in which members swipe right to indicate […]

What Produces Wealth in America: Studies Show Republicans Don’t Understand

October 14, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

A Pew poll published on May 2nd was headlined “Why people are rich and poor: Republicans and Democrats have very different views” , and it reported that, “Most Republicans link a person’s financial standing to their own hard work – or the lack of it. Most Democrats say that whether someone is rich or poor is more attributable to circumstances beyond their control.” The partisan difference on this issue was stark: “By about three-to-one (66% to 21%), Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say hard work, rather than a person’s advantages, has more to do with why someone is rich. By […]

How Lyft’s John Zimmer went from sleeping on a couch and eating frozen Trader Joe’s meals to running a $7.5 billion company

October 13, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Success How I Did It podcast

Samantha Lee/Business Insider John Zimmer, Lyft’s founder and president. Mike Blake/Reuters John Zimmer is the cofounder and president of the ride-hailing service Lyft.

Lyft was founded in 2012 and has faced a fierce competitor in Uber since the beginning.

In the past year, Uber has come under fire for a series of missteps while Lyft has maintained its "nice guy" image. Lyft is valued at $7.5 billion and covers 94% of the US population. For more than five years, Uber and Lyft have been locked in a battle to become the ultimate ride-hailing service. Uber […]