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After unveiling RaceMo, TAMO planning to develop electric car, shared mobility vehicle

March 28, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

The company that formed the TAMO vertical is in the process of setting up a team of 25 people, whose immediate mandate is to launch the sports car, RaceMo, by Dec.

The company that formed the TAMO vertical is in the process of setting up a team of 25 people, whose immediate mandate is to launch the sports car, RaceMo, by Dec. MUMBAI: TAMO , the Tata Motors BSE 1.07 % incubator that is set to launch a sports car, is working to bring more disruptions to the Indian automotive industry.

Next in line from the Tata Motors’ sub-brand are an electric car and a vehicle meant for shared mobility providers, the Olas and Ubers of the world, a senior executive associated with the company said.

The company that formed the TAMO […]

Leading On Opportunity

March 27, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad


The Opportunity Task Force, a group of 20 community members, spent 18 months in 2015 and 2016 focused on the inheritance of intergenerational poverty and its negative impact on the life trajectory of far too many of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s children and youth. Yes, we are a thriving, opportunity-rich community that continues to attract people—nearly 50 a day—but that is only part of our story. In 2013, a Harvard University/UC Berkeley study uncovered the other part of our story – our community ranked 50th out of 50 in economic mobility among the largest U.S. cities—specifically the ability of a child […]

Enhanced Economic Development & Increased Mobility Biggest Benefits From More Investment in U.S. Passenger Rail — News Story

March 27, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Findings Gained Through Survey Conducted by Urban Transportation Center at UIC

CHICAGO (March 2017) – Significant investment in the passenger rail network across the United States can result in a wide range of economic benefits including greater productivity, higher property values and reduced costs to other transportation modes. Furthermore, dollars spent on expanding and improving passenger rail will provide people with the ability to move around more freely and easily.

These are two key findings from a survey of transportation professionals polled for a study on the potential economic and societal gains realized through greater funding for passenger rail […]

2 years after vowing to help Charlotte’s poor, leaders still looking for answers

March 27, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

It’s been almost two years since the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force was created to figure out how to change the trajectory for the this community’s poor.

In that time, little has changed, and challenges have escalated.

On Monday, the task force issued its report, the result of months of meeting with community leaders and poring over data.Michael Marsicano, President and CEO, Foundation For The Carolinas, told a group of leaders that economic mobility must not be a “pipe dream” in Charlotte. At the same time, he said. “If you came to this convocation hoping for a silver bullet to advance the […]

Tesla is about to confront dueling best- and worst-case scenarios, and anything could happen

March 26, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Elon Musk

Tesla is preparing for its biggest year ever.

In the next six months, it will launch the $35,000 Model 3 mass-market car, and, over the course of 2017, the investment community will find out whether Elon Musk’s company can live up to its new business model as a vertically integrated energy firm, after its 2016 acquisition of SolarCity for $2 billion.

The stakes are high for the company and its $40 billion market cap. On Wall Street, the bear case for Tesla indicated that its stock could plummet to $50 from the current level of about $250. The bull case suggests […]

These Mobility-Minded Tech Startups Are Revving Detroit’s Economic Engine

March 25, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

In Detroit, innovative startups are injecting disruptive new technology into the city’s renowned automotive industry – and in the process, they’re revving the Motor City’s economic engine.

One such startup breathing a breath of fresh, innovative air into the Motor City and the mobility industry is SPLT , the upstart behind a ridesharing app that helps people who work for the same company organize commuter carpools. The company, originally based in New York City and now headquartered in Detroit, helps riders save money and time on commuting and lower their carbon footprints at the same time. SPLT partners directly with […]

University of Michigan student rips apart the smug liberal echo chamber on campus

March 25, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure


The interior of the law library at the University of Michigan. Within the fortified liberal bastion that is Ann Arbor, there exists an environment uniquely designed for the progressive students who populate campus.

Here, the most liberal of beliefs can be resounded within Ann Arbor’s echo chamber that makes this town in the midwestern United States sound more like a socialist paradise in Scandinavia.

The University of Michigan’s liberal student body is readily known worldwide to the point that our left-leaning bias is often capitalized on by the conservative media and punditry as a ridiculous example of a public university run […]

Elwood L. Robinson: Student success key to social, economic mobility

March 25, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Not all college rankings are created equal. Many national rankings reward universities for their selectivity or focus on metrics like reputation, recognizing universities that spend more money to game the system.

Over the years, universities like Winston-Salem State University, which serve a large number of minority, low-income and first generation students, were left out.

Fortunately, over the past decade, a few college rankings have emerged that evaluate the outcomes of universities, such as whether students find jobs after graduation or whether they move up economically.These rankings are far more important to me as chancellor.For the past three years, Winston-Salem State University […]

Is the American Dream Alive or Dead?

March 24, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure


The 2016 election exposed deep social, geographic, and economic rifts crossing the United States. Since November, a flurry of new research into economic mobility and income inequality has added to our understanding of these divides. Now, EIG offers its latest contribution to the discussion. We have joined county-level data from our Distressed Communities Index (DCI) with the economic mobility estimates created by Raj Chetty’s team at Harvard’s Equality of Opportunity Project (EOP) to examine the relationship between economic well-being (as measured by the DCI) and economic opportunity (as measured by the EOP) in communities across the United […]

How Broadway Play ‘Sweat’ Tells the Personal Stories Behind the News

March 24, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Sweat Broadway

It took six years for Lynn Nottage ’s play “ Sweat ” to make it to Broadway — but somehow, it feels as up-to-the-minute as the latest New York Times notification on your smartphone.

Set in Reading, Penn., and shifting between scenes set in 2000 and in 2008, “Sweat” chronicles the strains placed on a group of blue-collar friends when their jobs at the local factory are threatened. Despite a long development process that began in 2011, the play, which opens March 26 at Broadway’s Studio 54, addresses issues of economic inequality and racial fracturing that now make it a […]