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Ford could launch an Uber competitor

May 26, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Ford Fusion

Ford fully autonomous Fusion Hybrid research vehicle on streets of Dearborn, MI. F Ford Motor

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Ford could roll out an Uber-like ride-hailing service even before the company’s self-driving cars are ready to hit the streets."I would never rule that out," Raj Nair, the company’s executive vice president and president of North America, told Business Insider when asked if the company would launch an on-demand mobility service with a human driver."I think we are evaluating a lot of things in Ford mobility and I think a lot of it […]

The Poverty “State of Mind”

May 26, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Ben Carson, our HUD Secretary of somewhat dubious expertise, recently burbled on about how he thinks that “ poverty, to a large extent, is a state of mind ,” a statement which earned him some well-justified push-back and which prompted several people, knowing of my general thoughts about poverty, to wonder if I had any thoughts on the matter.

My thought on poverty in the United State being a “state of mind” is that what it really is, to a rather larger extent, is a lack of access — to money, to education, to opportunities, to adequate housing, to networks […]

NYC Council Urges Transit Discounts for Low-Income Riders

May 26, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

A Metropolitan Transit Authority subway train operator waits for a red-light signal. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews) A new proposal would alleviate some of the stress of paying for public transportation for New York City’s poorest residents. Members of NYC’s Fair Fares Coalition unveiled a plan Wednesday to give low-income New Yorkers half-priced MetroCards.

The coalition of advocates and council members initially released a proposal for the program that would have cost just over $200 million and serve 800,000 residents. Mayor Bill de Blasio said at the time that he liked the idea, but that it would have to fall on the […]

PhD Studentship in development strategies for electric mobility: a techno-economic approach

May 26, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad


UCL ISR invites applications for a fully funded 4-year PhD studentship in development strategies for electric mobility: a techno-economic approach UCL Portico The UCL Institute for Sustainability Resources invites applications for a fully funded (UK/EU fees plus stipend) 4-year PhD studentship funded by EPSRC. General Information:

Title: Development strategies for electric mobility: a techno-economic approach

Supervisors: Dr Alvaro Calzadilla, Senior Lecturer in Macro-economic Modelling at UCL-ISR and Prof Raimund Bleischwitz, Deputy Director, Chair in Sustainable Global Resources at UCL-ISRStipend: approx. £16,550 & UK/EU fees & annual research budget of £1000 /yr, and you will also be able to apply […]

Count them in

May 25, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Children born into lower-income families face many obstacles to seeing their economic circumstances improve as they themselves reach adulthood. Economic inequality is becoming increasingly the rule in a country that throughout its history has prided itself on the upward mobility it offers everyone.

An extensive investigation by The News and Observer and The Charlotte Observer revealed yet another obstacle that lies in the way of even gifted children. Far fewer students from low-income households are placed in advanced classes for which their test scores and performance qualify them than are students from higher-income households.

As Joseph Neff, Ann Doss Helms and […]

Peace Train: U.S. capitalism a series of crises

May 25, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

The capitalist economic system is an extremely mixed bag. It has, on the one hand, fostered prodigious economic growth and stunning technological innovation. In 1950, life expectancy on planet Earth was 48 years. Today, a newborn infant can expect to live over 71 years. The human population of our planet has increased by 40 percent since 1950, but the number of people living in dire poverty has been cut in half.

On the other hand, capitalism is a turbulent and divisive economic system. It induces extreme inequality both within and between nations, causes periodic economic crises, and generates cancerous forms […]

Report Launched on Careers Services and Social Mobility

May 25, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Unpaid internships, geographical immobility and a lack of investment in Careers Services are driving the gap in earnings between students from higher and lower-income families, a new study has found.

You can access the report here.

The report, produced by the Bridge Group for the UPP Foundation, builds on previous research that found students from wealthier socio-economic backgrounds earned around 10% more than those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. The new study explores the link between socio-economic background and graduate outcomes, and how universities can support the outcome of students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.Shining a light on the factors likely […]

Is carsharing a viable mobility option for Eastside commuters?

May 24, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Thanks to its flexibility, carsharing has become a popular transportation and mobility option in cities across the globe. In the coming months, Bellevue will work with its Innovation Triangle partners and TransManage to study the demand for these options on Puget Sound’s Eastside. (PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons) Some commuters have a challenge in choosing transit for their daily commute.

Although many employees working in some of the Eastside’s largest employment centers have access to reliable public transportation options, and many employers even provide ORCA cards as an employee benefit, taking advantage of these options may leave holes in typical commute patterns. […]

The US auto industry is under assault from fake news

May 24, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: not sure

Newly named Ford Motor Company president and CEO James Hackett answers questions during a press conference at Ford Motor World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, U.S., May 22, 2017. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

Ford’s new CEO wants to tell you a story. Thomson Reuters

•The reality of the car business is at odds with widespread chatter about it disruption.

•Ford CEO Mark Fields wasn’t ousted because Ford is lagging Silicon Valley. •Storytelling has overwhelmed profitability in the auto industry. Objectively, the US auto industry is in great shape. Sales records were set in 2015 and 2016, and the Detroit Big Three — General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles — have been setting record profits as Americans buy pickups and SUVs.Even profitless, low-volume Tesla deserves a huge amount of […]

Made in Europe

May 24, 2017 ·  · Topic: Economic Mobility  · Relevance: bad

Hyundai’s commitment to the European Market:
Future mobility, economic growth and job

Vehicles designed, engineered, tested and built in Europe for European customers 155,000 people in Europe owe their job to the presence of Hyundai Future mobility: Offering the world’s first model with three electrified powertrains in a single body type Hyundai Motor is committed to the European market and its customers, and aims to become the number one Asian car brand in Europe by 2020. Today, more than 90% of all Hyundai vehicles sold in Europe are designed, engineered, produced and tested here. Since the 1990s Hyundai […]